What Price Freedom?

The People and Stories of the Underground Railroad



“Very enlightening.” – Teacher from Washington D.C.

“Had a great time. Would bring the class again.” – Teacher from Delaware

“Thank you for this trip!” – Student from Brooklyn

“We had a great time and I especially liked the Magic Lantern show with the characters playing the historical figures. Those actors were great!” – Student from Pennsylvania

“One of the best re-enactors I have ever seen.” – Teacher from Delaware

“I enjoyed hearing about the history of the Underground Railroad and its role in the area’s history. I liked how there were actors acting as though they were back in that time period.” – Student from Pennsylvania

“The actors were excellent and the material was perfect for our middle school studies. We will personally recommend to other schools.” – Teacher from Maryland

“This trip was so amazing. Every bit of it gave me a new look on what happened back on the Underground Railroad.” – Student from New York

“The bus tour around the countryside was really interesting.” – Student from Brooklyn

“Seeing the historical movie of Jacob’s life was so moving. I cannot wait to go back and experience the Amish Experience all over again.” – Student from New York

“Exceeded expectations! We had no idea what to expect and were pleasantly surprised.” – Teacher from Pennsylvania

“The trip to the Underground Railroad was amazing. I loved learning the history.” – Student from New York

The Underground Railroad Experience is available by reservation only, and for groups only.