What Price Freedom?

The People and Stories of the Underground Railroad

THIRD STOP: On the Bus in the Countryside

Stop #3 Following The Underground Railroad Experience dramatic Magic Lantern presentation and memorable character encounter in the theater, our guide will board your bus and lead you and your students through the farmlands past an actual Underground Railroad site. Along the way, you will hear more stories and learn of prominent people in the movement. Students will actually “choose their path” as they make choices in an interactive account of an escapee, determining the direction the story takes and the consequences of their decisions. All the while we pass farmhouses, fields, and landscapes not unlike those that were part of the routes to freedom in this area, as we also begin to learn of the quest for religious freedom of our Amish neighbors.

As a “break” in our tour of the farmlands, we’ll stop at an Amish-Mennonite bakery, where everyone receives a complimentary whoopie pie, one of Amish Country’s most famous snacks.

And so, two truly unique forms of storytelling combine with this countryside tour to create an experience unlike students have ever been exposed to before, presented initially by way of a medium so old that it is totally “new” to them. This is powerful learning that you’ll soon discover simply cannot be duplicated in the classroom.

The Underground Railroad Experience is available by reservation only, and for groups only.