The Amish Experience

at Plain & Fancy Farm

The Story of Jacob’s Choice

“Compelling” best describes the emotional story of “Jacob’s Choice,” told through the everyday lives of the Fishers, an Old Order Amish family of today. Witness young Jacob’s struggle in choosing the Amish church, or leaving behind family and community for the allure of the modern world.

READ MOREExperience the horrendous religious persecution of their forefathers and take part in the perilous voyage to America, all magically heightened by wind, rain, smoke, fire, ghostly and other Disney-like  effects that thrill the senses.

Jacob’s challenges with faith, tradition, and loved ones in a fast-changing world is a story that touches each of us, young and old, in a poignant and memorable way. More than any other Amish attraction, “Jacob’s Choice” will leave you with an understanding of what it means to be Amish, and the ties that continue to bind the community together through the centuries.

Show Times

Show duration is approximately 35-40 minutes with the introduction.

Show Times

Every hour on the hour, 10:00AM – 5:00PM. Open 7 days a week April-October.

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