Over 60 Years From Farm to Table

In 1959, Lancaster County’s original family-style dining room opened its doors to the public. Back then, the meal was served by Grandmother Lapp from her kitchen right in the barn. The Amish weren’t the only German immigrants to arrive here in Lancaster County, with the Amish being called the “Plain Dutch” and the Lutheran, Catholic and other German immigrants being called the “Fancy Dutch.”  Thus, there were both “Plain” & “Fancy” folks living here.  This even inspired a 1950’s Broadway Musical by the same name.  So, in 1959, Grandma Lapp introduced “Plain & Fancy Farm Dining Room.”

Plain & Fancy has continued to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world who have traveled to the “Farm” along Route 340 between Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse to taste and enjoy a bountiful selection of Pennsylvania Dutch home-style and traditional American favorites.

In early April 2017, guests were welcomed to a new restaurant, Smokehouse BBQ and Brews, with a revised menu adding authentic American BBQ and sauces, locally hand crafted beer, and a new, fun dining experience.

For groups of 20 or more people, Plain & Fancy Dining Room is still available with prior reservations. Although the restaurant used to serve family-style dining for groups, when COVID-19 made national headlines in 2020, Plain & Fancy transitioned away from the traditional family-style dining to a hearty, plated option, for the safety of all guests. This new dining style still features Lancaster County and guest favorites, and guests will not walk away hungry!  Individuals and smaller parties are invited to enjoy Smokehouse BBQ and Brews.  

Today, Plain and Fancy Farm has become a 10 acre destination unto itself, completely surrounded by Amish farmland. Here, in addition to the restaurant are:

  • The spectacular Amish Experience F/X Theater, where the critically acclaimed “Jacob’s Choice” is shown daily.
  • The Amish Country Homestead & One Room School, the only officially designated Heritage Site Amish House in Lancaster County.
  • Amish Country Tours, since 1959, first in providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the incomparable farmlands and learn more about our Amish neighbors in a thoughtful and respectful manner.
  • AmishView Inn and Suites, whose majestic views of its bordering farmlands is simply not duplicated anywhere else in Amish Country.
  • Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides, offering horse-drawn carriage excursions on special routes through the countryside daily year-round.

Group tour reservations for all activities on the Farm, including meal reservations for the delicious feast, can be are made by calling 800.555.2303 ext. 214.