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Reviews on Trip Advisor for the Amish Visit-in-Person Tour

This is worth it!

We did the VIP tour. We stopped at 3 places with our guide educating us about the Amish on the way in between to the stops. The first place we stopped at was an Amish dairy farm. I believe their last name was Esh. We got to see their cows and it was milking time, so we watched them do that and the process of it cooling was neat. The owner was very nice answering any questions anyone had about how he worked and about his family. They had some kittens there and I saw this little grey one. The Amish family said I could have him, I wanted too so bad, but I already have 4 and lived out of state or I would have. The next stop was to an actual Amish shop that built the buggies/carriages. It was neat to hear about all the different options they had available and different models and features. I couldn’t believe how much they cost. The young man that gave us this portion of the tour was also very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. The last stop was at an actual Amish family’s home and we got to meet their dog and children. This had to be my favorite stop. She had a little daughter that was just over 1 years old that was adorable! and the cutest little dog. I wanted to take pictures, but wanted to respect that they don’t wish to have pictures taken of them. You could hear their other Amish daughters singing together in the other room. We toured part of the house and he showed us how they heat their house and other things. They were such a nice down to earth family. We were at each stop for about 45 minutes each and had about 15 minutes or so of getting to each stop, but our Tour Guide kept us interested the whole way with answering any questions or educating us on different things. The good news is that they stop at different places all the time, so this is a tour that can be repeated since you won’t be going to the same place each time. Next time we are in the area we will repeat this tour. Buy this tour over the others. It’s worth it! The interaction we had with the people was priceless. One of the best things we did on our whole trip!

Visited September 2014

The Real Amish Experience

My wife and I weren’t sure if we wanted to try the VIP – Visit In Person Tour. I tried making reservations for one evening. The website said that evening was already full. I could put our names on a waiting list, so I did. The next morning Amish Experience called to let us know they had space available for our original time spot. We decided to try it, based on the good reviews. We left around 5 pm with our guide. We traveled the back roads as guide gave us a lengthy history of the Amish. Our first stop was a farm of a young Amish couple at milking time. They explained the history of their cows and milking. Very informative. The second stop was at an Amish crafter. We saw what they made, actually made some woodwork while we were there. They explained the tools, finishes and their Amish power supply. Third stop was a sit down with an Amish family. A nice question and answer history of their Amish ways. They also took us out to their workshop to show us what and how they made their craft. Our tour guide made sure to gather each person, Amish and group alike into the tour. The VIP Tour certainly helps you understand the Amish culture and ways. Guide did a great job adding the history of the Amish as well. An Amish Experience we will not forget!

Visited May 2016

Best tour I’ve taken yet!

My husband and I booked the VIP tour along with our hotel stay at the Amishview Inn. What a great choice this was!

Our extremely knowledgeable tour guide was friendly and pleasant. His easy banter with the farm owners made the 3 hour tour seem very quick.

Our tour began with a dairy farm, complete with milking, then a basket weaver and finally, a chat with an Amish family in their home. I asked many questions and learned so much about the Amish.

A great tour, fabulous tour guide and lovely farm owners–by the end, I felt like I’d learned so much and I didn’t want it to be over. It was worth every penny!

Visited May 2016

Authentic way to learn about the Amish

I enjoyed the Amish House and School tour. As a local person I am familiar with the Amish but have seldom been in a home or school. Our knowledgeable tour guide presented a lot of facts and answered questions.

I also went on the three hour VIP tour to an Amish dairy, Amish soap maker and visited in an Amish minister’s home. It was amazing to learn about the Amish from the Amish themselves. Their properties were beautiful with trimmed lawns and amazing flower beds. Every place had friendly pets, happy children and friendly adults ready to tell us about their lives. Our bus driver provided a commentary about the countryside and Amish history and lots of jokes. Very well done. I will certainly recommend the VIP tour to my friends and family.

Visited June 2016

A must do experience

We partook of the movie, “Jacob’s Choice”, the schoolhouse and home tour and the VIP tour.
I couldn’t be more positive on how worthwhile the tours were. Both guides were personable and knowledgeable.
During the VIP tour you get the opportunity to interact one on one with Amish families.
A true enrichment to your time in the Amish country.

Visited September 2015

Amish VIP Tour — Very Memorable

My daughters and I did the Amish VIP tour and visited a dairy farm, a carpenter making lighthouses and post boxes and an Amish family. I must admit that some of my past beliefs about how the Amish lived were changed by this visit — they are progressive in that there’s still “no electricity”, but workarounds using diesel fuel and hydraulic pumps — from the dairy farm using vacuum pumps to the carpenter using automatic tools to the washing machine at the Amish house, I was impressed. They are still a very impressive group of people with the history from the Anabaptists coming from Switzerland and Germany. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and it was a highlight of our trip to Lancaster.

Visited May 2016

VIP Tour

We went on the Visit In Person tour. It is so interesting to interact with the Amish. The tour took us to a dairy farm, wood making shop and a family visit. You get to learn more about their lifestyle and beliefs. It is so educational. Our tour guide was so informative. He was able to answer all the questions about the Amish. Also, he know them personally when we went on the tour.
I would definitely do this again.

Visited June 2016

VIP Tour

We are local, having lived in Lancaster for 30+ years. Finally decided to do this tour even though it is in “our back yard”. My husband and I learned quite a bit. It was very informative and quite interesting. Our guide is quite knowledgeable and very amicable! My husband was initially grumbling about going – “why do I need to go see the Amish, etc.!” In typical fashion, he ended up enjoying himself and having a good time. It just made me sad to hear that the dairy cows are rewarded for all their years of service and hard work, with being turned into hamburger.

Visited June 2016

A 4th of July Treat

I had bought three tickets to The Amish Experience (VIP Tour) for my parents and I which at first I must admit I was a bit hesitant since it was going to be a three hour thing. I had decided to pick the forth since I never really have any major plans for that day and since it was the day after my father’s birthday so I really wanted to do something nice for him.

The tour was actually very informative, educational, and kinda fun. There are actually three different VIP tours that take place at the same time. I had learned alot about the Amish through our tour guide and plus from being able to listen to the three different families tell us about themselves during the course of the day. I would really like to go on the other tours because there’s always allot to be learned from them, The Amish.

My only regret was both my mother and I had wanted to ask certain questions which we were eager to ask the one Amish family but we were just too shy to speak up. The families as a whole were all very friendly and nice.

Visited July 2015

Great Experience

We took the VIP tour on a Monday night. Our family of 5 consisted of 3 generations and each of us absolutely loved it. Our tour guide did a great job. The 3 hours went by extremely fast.

Visit August 2015

A real view into Amish life!

This was by far the best experience we had during our week in Amish country! The VIP tour allowed us the talk with Amish couples and their children about their lives, businesses and the choices they have made to stay true to their faith. Our tour guides had many interesting first hand stories about his Amish friends and his previous job as an Amish taxi driver. It was wonderful to talk to them as real people.

Visited April 2015

If you do nothing else in Lancaster – Take this tour!

Our extended family of 12 went for an overnight stay in Lancaster and caught a competitor’s bus tour earlier in the day. The bus tour was pretty cool and informative but in retrospect it was just scratching the surface. With the VIP tour we were driven to 3 Amish families; shown their businesses and spent quality time with them in their homes. One was a dairy farmer with 11 children another a homemaker and seamstress with adult children married to a carpenter and a third was a minister who had recently retired from a relatively large corporation as a laborer after a 30+ year career. All the homes were immaculate and in some respects almost luxurious. They took great pride in their buggies, (which cost upwards of $12,000 new) and their work and their families. These people live and compete in the same economy as the rest of us and thrive with their hands tied behind their backs (in the sense that they’ve only had an elementary school education and in terms of the types of modern tools they can use). This clearly shows the power of community, family, hard work, common sense and the avoidance of vices and a general sense of thrift and a heartfelt devotion to God. They were all willing to answer all of our questions and left nothing back. Some things were surprising; like one family’s ability and desire to take a yearly beach vacation. These are outstanding people who simply shun the distractions and temptations that comes with modernity. The minister was particularly entertaining with his stories and his knowledge of modern day issues and politics; a great man with a large beautiful family. If you want to see the real Amish this is the tour for you!

Visited June 2015

The best part of our trip to Lancaster County!

The Amish Experience VIP Tour was superb. First we went to a dairy farm. The farmer explained all about the milking process and the distribution of the milk… The second stop was a cottage industry. We went a carriage shop. The final stop was to an Amish family’s home. We got to interact with an Amish family. It truly was an interesting and unforgettable experience. A big shout out goes to our guide. He was a pleasant, well informed man.

Visited July 2015

The Amish Experience Visit-In-Person Tour

This evening tour was so worthwhile! We were able to visit 3 different stops. The 14 passenger bus was an appropriate size for this opportunity to visit in an actual Amish home. Our small group was able to sit and relax in the main room of an Amish house with the husband, wife and daughter (one of their 9 children). We all openly shared comments and questions of each other and learned so much about the Amish culture and they about the “Englishers” culture. The family enjoys meeting and sharing with people from around the world. This evening, our group included a couple from South Africa. The Amish are so kind and respectful of all people – setting a wonderful example for everyone. Our bus driver/guide was very knowledgeable and could answer every question asked about the Amish. He also entertained us as we were riding by telling funny (most of them) jokes and stories. The VIP Tour is the only way you can really get to know and understand the Amish culture.

Visited June 2015

This is a MUST if you want to learn about the way of life of the Amish

This is a 3 hour tour and is exactly what we wanted to experience by learning more about the Amish. The first hour was spent at a Dairy Farm where we met an Amish farmer as his 30 cows were being milked. He explained the process and answered all the questions we had while his children showed us how they worked. The dairy farm also had a quilt shop to explore.
The second hour was a visit and tour of a buggy shop where Amish buggies are build, refurbished and upholstered.
The third hour was a visit with an Amish family. This was the highlight of the tour. The family was so warm and welcoming. The hour went too fast.
We recommend this VIP tour if you want to have a closer experience and do not have days to stay.

Visited May 2015

VIP tour was amazing

Our host did an excellent job of introducing our visits and providing background history for this tour. He explained and answered all our questions. This was a once in a lifetime trip for me.

Visit June 2015

VIP Tour of Three Amish Families

This year we decided to visit the Amish Experience rather than seeing a repeat performance of a Sight and Sound play. It was quite an enjoyable experience.

Our tour guide, took us on a very enjoyable visit to three Amish families. Each one was involved in a different way of providing for the household, e.g.: farming, buggy/coach building and repairing, and light manufacturing. Of special enjoyment was time spent sitting down visiting in the living room with an Amish family. We gained a real appreciation for what the Amish believe and how they live. The guide really knows the area and the Amish! We were greatly impressed with him and his help! We highly recommend this tour to everyone! Why didn’t we do this sooner!

Visited April 2015

Best part of our trip!

I booked this VIP tour because I wanted something different. I had been to this area and on tours when I was young and brought my kids when they were young, however this sounded special. And it was! The first two stops were nice.. we stopped at a working farm to see cows milked, then a soap shop on another farm to show how the woman do crafts to earn extra money for the family. BUT.. the real fun was the third stop..the VIP house tour! We actually met an Amish couple and some of their 7 children. First, the husband took us around the home, the barn. and then we went inside the kitchen into the living room and sat down for about an hour to chat. He was very open and as forth coming as could be. And although this was the third time I’ve been to this area, this was hands down the most I’ve learned. He said he does it to “do away with the myths” surrounding the Amish way of life. And he did. I was amazed at how the refrigerator worked and the lanterns hanging from the ceilings since they don’t use electricity. It amazes me how they keep their lives simple in this fast world. I soaked in every word about how they have a hard time keeping their kids in this lifestyle with all the pressures from the outside world.. one that is slowly creeping in on them. I could have sat ALL night and talked with them! LOVED it! I’m not sure kids would appreciate or sit still for this tour, but adults who are interested in learning about the REAL way of life, should book this tour.

Visited June 2014

Wonderful experience and value

We did the Super Saver Tour in addition to the “VIP” evening tour, which costs extra but is very, very worthwhile. With the Super Saver Tour we had an excellent one-hour tour of a reconstructed Amish farmhouse and one-room schoolhouse. The package also included a very comfortable small bus tour of about 14 people seeing the Amish countryside. The package also included an excellent film feature about Amish life… The mature, highly professional staff, including the drivers, are so informative and enthusiastic about the Amish that you cannot help but become immersed in the Amish culture. This is a very substantive and professional operation.

Visited July 2014

Up Close and Personal

Awesome, informative, fun! Try to fit this VIP (Visit In Person) Tour into your itinerary, you won’t regret it! We spent an entire day on immersion in the Amish way of life & this was by far the best part of the day~ Actually talking with Amish farmers, not just hearing a tour guide give a watered-down lesson on the Amish. I have lived amongst the Amish my entire life and admire them immensely, but still came away with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of them.

Visited July 2014

Amish Experience VIP tour was wonderful

We had the “experience” last week and enjoyed about 3-1/2 hours visiting three Amish farms. About a dozen of us traveled in a comfortable bus with a well-informed driver from the staff. It was informative, moving and relaxed. It was so authentic and personal visiting these special, kind and welcoming people. There was nothing artificial or commercial about the experience and we truly treasure the memory.

Visited July 2014