From Our Critics – School Reviews

From the students at Pathways to Education, Brooklyn, New York

The trip to the Underground Railroad was amazing. I loved learning the history of it. Our tour guide was so informative. 

Underground Railroad trip was great. I loved learning about a different culture and history of African Americans. 

Yesterday I went on a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch where I got to meet some Amish girls. Seeing the historical movie of Jacob’s life was so moving.

The speakers at the School house were so informative and made you feel like you were living in that moment. I loved how they answered all our questions. 

After hearing about the simple life that the Amish live it made me consider wanting to join the church! I love the simple life. 

I cannot wait to go back and experience the Amish experience all over again. 

Loved the tour, and the bakery left me wanting to go back and get more snacks. 

The tour was great but loved how we came back and enjoyed lunch all together with everyone at Plain & Fancy and the staff making us feel like family!