The struggle for freedom on the Underground Railroad has never been presented in such an unusual and memorable way. A special experience for adult groups of 20 or more…

Combining a “Magic Lantern Show” of the 1800’s with live actors, we tell the story from the very beginnings of slavery to the Civil War, and introduce some of the key historical players…as it would have been experienced at the time!

What’s included?

Your journey on the road to freedom has four “stops” and is roughly three hours:

Stop #1. The Magic of a “Lantern Show” – the story of slavery in America


  • Costumed, live showman guides the audience from the first days of slavery in the 1600’s to the heroic stories and “conductors” of the Underground Railroad network.
  • Images, photographs, music and special effects re-create a magic lantern show of the 1800’s.
  • An authentic, rare 1890’s “triunial” lantern is used to project images onto a giant screen.

Stop #2. Character Encounter – a time traveler from the days of the Underground Railroad emerges from the darkness of the theater to tell his or her personal story.darlene-website

  • Be there as a real-life free African American historical character talks about the struggle for freedom in the days before the Civil War.
  • The past comes alive in this interactive conversation highlighting true stories of the quest for freedom.

Stop #3. Countryside Bus Tour – a step-on guide will board your bus and take you on a journey through the Farmlands.

  • Learn the story of the Underground Railroad with routes through the countryside as we pass by17b-harriet-on-the-underground-railroad the location of an actual “station.”
  • Become a part of the story of an escape, in which you make the choices and determine the outcome.
  • Since we are in Amish Country, we’ll also talk about the Amish struggle for freedom, and even stop at a bakeshop for a free whoopie pie.

Stop #4. “Jacob’s Choice” – a one-of-a-kind theater experience

  • See the critically acclaimed story of an Amish teenager with flashbacks to 400 years ago, and the story of religious persecution and flight to freedom in America.
  • Enjoy the entertaining and emotional story relating past to present, told on five screens with  special effects, including smoke, wind and rain, a cannon, and ghost-like visitors from centuries ago.
  • There is time for Q&A after the presentation.

Both the suffering of those enslaved and their struggle for freedom have never been presented in such a unique way, as you discover that what happened in the past has much to do with the events of today. This is the story of all of us, of who we were as a Nation, and how it may determine what we will be in the future.




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