The Amish Experience

at Plain & Fancy Farm

PA State Standards

In a time when school budgets limit field trip and out-of-school activities, it is absolutely imperative that such trips offer the best and most comprehensive educational experience possible. Few opportunities match our carefully designed approach to portraying the microcosm of Amish life, both past and present, set within the context of American history and modern day life.

Our 35-page study guide, prepared by a team of master educators, provides seven pages of in-depth examples of how the Total Amish Experience Tour meets many PA State standards across multiple disciplines and grade levels.

The study guide provides activities for pre and post tour study, as well as questions to be answered during the visit. In addition, extensive background on various aspects of Amish culture, a glossary of terms, and a bibliography are provided so that the teacher may gain an overview of Amish culture to adapt to many lessons in the classroom, from the exploration of to the tolerance and respect for the many cultures that make up our American mosaic.

PA State Standards