One Room to Rumspringa

Explore the Lives of Amish Children and Teens

After the infamous Amish reality TV series “Amish in the City,” and others that followed, the word “rumspringa” entered the English language. Rumspringa is the “running around” period when young Amish teens may enjoy their time of being young without the rigors imposed by the church and family. But soon, each youth must make a decision on whether to join the church through adult baptism and become Amish, or choose life in the “outside world” apart from family and community. An Amish Elder sets the record straight, and this experience is as real as it gets!

Amish Interaction

Spend time with this Amish elder at his farmstead as he describes what it is like growing up as an Amish child and what happens after the formal eight grades of schooling. Then there’s plenty of time for open and honest questions and answers about Rumspringa or any other topic students raise.
We’ll be driving by several Amish one-room schools, where we take the opportunity to discuss Amish education. Finally, we’ll enter Lancaster County’s only officially designated “Heritage Site” Amish House for a look at growing up Amish from a child’s point of view. Included are Amish schoolroom games, followed by a tour of the nine-room Amish Country Homestead to examine Plain clothing, living without electricity, and modern day Amish life generally.

“Jacob’s Choice”

This Amish Experience Theater production explores both the history of the Amish and the life of a teenage Amish boy torn between his Amish traditions and the allure of the modern world. Dramatically told on five screens surrounding the audience, the Disney-like special effects production is a unique blending of entertainment and education that takes students into the heart and soul of what it means to be Amish on a magical 400-year plus journey through Amish culture.

Allow 4 hours.

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