Quest for Freedom

Another exclusive tour combining the Underground Railroad and Amish Culture into a singular moving, memorable experience.

Underground Railroad Encounter

Visitors are often unaware of the role Lancaster County played in helping enslaved brethren flee their “masters” in pre-Civil War America. As your bus travels back country roads, we come upon and pick up one of the “conductors” who begins to share the quest for freedom of some 150 years ago.

We’ll then travel to a “safe house” where, through the portrayal of an historical character of the time, we learn of the great personal risks taken by those on this perilous journey to freedom. This emotional portrayal by a local African American re-enactor is an experience that both enlightens and inspires.

The Amish Encounter

The second half of this tour leads us into the Amish quest for freedom that began in Europe some 450 years ago, so vividly portrayed in the Amish Experience Theater’s “Jacob’s Choice.”

Leading up to “Jacob’s Choice,” we explore the simplicity of Amish life today through the spectacular farmlands and tour of our Amish Country Homestead and One-Room School. Finally your experience concludes with an observation of how these past struggles for freedom, parallel in many respects, continue today in the contemporary world around us.

Allow 3-4 hours.

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